Over the phone

I have been told over the years, that phone marketing is a numbers game. Others tell me its because of the use of a clever marketing script. Although it is true as Zig Ziglar says. You need to make enough phones calls, and yes, a good marketing script definitely helps.

Keep in mind though that if you want leads that become sales, more is needed. Good phone work requires helping the person to go from a cold prospect to a friend in a short amount of time. That involves skill, and patience. Good articulation. Effective Questions, Enthusiasm, and the right approach to help you and your service or product to stand out from the crowd.

It often a good idea for both the marketer and the business to have the same message and the same passion for helping the client or seller to achieve a desired outcome.

An excellent read in the Art of Selling is the Book by Neil Rackman – Spin Selling. >>

So next time you need to call someone, or follow-up on a lead, try putting yourself in the customers shoes….